Special Education

Pole Green Elementary School offers a variety of special education programs that provide educational services for children with special needs. We provide special education services in a collaborative or resource setting as specified in each child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Some students with qualified disabilities may be protected by Section 504 but not be eligible for services under the IDEA.

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Who is Eligible?

Our Pole Green Gator AlexanderAny child, 2–21 years of age, living in the Pole Green Elementary School district, who is suspected of having a learning problem, can be referred to the special education administrator. Parent(s), school staff, or other individuals can make these referrals. Upon receipt of the referral, the special education administrator will convene a meeting to discuss the referral. Participants in this meeting are individuals who are familiar with the child as well as school staff. Recommendations may be made at this time to help the child become more successful in the classroom.  

Parent Resource Center

Hanover County Public Schools' Department of Special Education has established the Parent Resource Center as a source of information, support, and training for parents, students, teachers, staff, and community members.

The PRC is committed to promoting working relationships between parents, educators, and the community. Our goal is to help parents gain knowledge and become comfortable with the special education process. We believe this will allow parents to partner with schools and become more involved in the planning and decision-making process for their child's education.

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Speech & Language Program

The speech/language program at Pole Green provides the evaluation of children who have been referred to us for articulation, language, voice, fluency, and hearing difficulties. Children are eligible for speech/language services if a problem in one or more of these areas impacts a child educationally. The speech therapist provides services as recommended by the IEP committee. We provide therapy in the school setting during the school day. We gear our services toward developing children's communication skills to help them achieve academically at school.

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Occupational/Physical Therapy Program

The occupational therapist at PGES evaluates the child's level of occupational performance skills in school, work, self-care, and play tasks as they relate to his/her educational performance. Occupational therapists evaluate and provide treatment to improve performance in the activities of daily living (self-maintenance tasks), work and productive activities, and play or leisure activities.

The physical therapist assists students with activities that help them with mobility, positioning, motor planning, and the proper use of the large muscle groups in the body. A large part of the physical therapist's role is to assist and educate all team members as well as help with any equipment needs.

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